Walton Residential Services has provided quality roofing services in the Gulf Coast area since 1961. As a full-service company with years of combined experience, Walton Residential Services is the company you can count on to deliver professional services for all types of roofing, sheet metal, and home service projects whether it’s a reroof, repair, metal roofs, power washing, or maintenance.

Quality, and performance, as well as our commitment to company safety, set Walton Residential Services professionals apart from the competition. These philosophies are embraced by our hand-picked staff who are trained in the latest industry standards and technology.

Walton Residential Services’ mission is to build relationships by exceeding customer expectations.  This is accomplished successfully by completing each project safely, on time, and within budget.  Walton Residential Services represents the highest standards of excellence, safety, quality, and customer service.


When purchasing a roofing job, what should I expect?

Answer: Our team of roofers will come out, introduce themselves to you, professionally remove your old roof, install your new roof and leave your roof and yard areas completely clean (no debris or nails).

What can go wrong?

Answer: You sign a contract, pay a down payment and never see the roofer again. If they haven’t been around for a long period of time there is no guarantee that they will be around to do any repair or warranty work that your roof may need. Play it safe with a professional contractor and call on references before purchase.

What can I do to protect myself?

Answer: Select a contractor that has operated in your community for at least ten years. Walton Residential Services has been servicing the Gulf Coast since 1961. Do not give money for any work that has not already been done.

Are all roof contractors listed on the web legitimate?

Answer: No. Always ask for at least three references and call them. Anyone can make claims on the internet. Make sure your contractor has been in business for at least 10 years.

How do I know which roof to buy?

Answer: Most asphalt shingles in Texas last about half of the marketed warranty. So, a thirty-year warranty would really only last about fifteen years. There are some shingles that carry a very long extended warranty. They are not perfect, but if you are careful and close the loopholes, they might be a good investment. Your roofing specialist is there to assist you with your choice.


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